How to search for messages in gmail

How to search for messages in Gmail

This tutorial will show you the basics of performing a search in Gmail.

Just like with Google searches, search queries in Gmail can be as simple or as complicated as you want them to be, so we won't be able to cover everything.

To start, let's perform a search for the word definitely, which appears right here in our latest email conversation.

Type your search queries in this text box, located at the top of every page in Gmail.

Then, click the Search Mail button.

Your search results will be displayed below, as if you were viewing your Inbox or some other label's contents.

You should recognize all of the action buttons at the top and bottom of the results box. These will function exactly as you were shown in the previous tutorials, as will everything else you see.

Now, let's perform another search. The next word in that email is takes, so we'll try searching for take.

The new results show up here, but our message isn't part of the results. This is because Gmail searches are more specific than your typical web search. For example, if you want to find all emails containing the word takes, you must search for takes and not any variations like take in order for it to work.

To finish, we'll show you how to make an advanced search. Click Show search options.

With these options, you have more control over the search results that are returned. We'll test out the From field.

Enter a name or email address.

You also have the ability to limit where you want the search to be performed.

Of note is the Mail and Spam and Trash Option. Unless you choose this option, Gmail won't display search results labelled as Spam or Trash.

We'll leave ours set to All Mail.

Now, click Search Mail as before.

It worked! The only conversation containing mail from Demo User has shown up.

As this message indicates, even if you don't choose Mail and Spam and Trash, you'll still be informed if Gmail finds a match in your Trash. This won't happen for Spam, though.

This tutorial is now complete. You now know how to perform a search in Gmail.

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