How to enable alternate port in MailEnable?

Like Exim on Linux or any other mailserver, 'MailEnable' in Windows can also run on two ports. In order to enable it follow the given steps:

1. Connect to the server via 'Remote Desktop'.
2. Run "MailEnable Administrator' that can be found in the 'Start' menu.
3. Now collapse the 'MailEnable Management' then 'Servers' then 'localhost' and then 'Connectors' node.
4. Under the Connectors you will find a node 'SMTP'. Right click on 'SMTP' and then left click on "Properties". A 'SMTP Properties' dialog box will open.
5. Now go to 'Inbound' tab.
6. Check the 'Also listen on alternate port' check-box.
7. A text field will be enabled and here you can enter the required port, say 26.
8. Click on the 'OK' button.
9. Now restart SMTP by right clicking on it and choosing the 'Stop' and then 'Start' options.
10. Close the 'MailEnable Administrator' by saving the changes.

That's all.
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