Features supported with OpenVZ

Parallels Virtuozzo and OpenVZ products cater to different crowds in the same market space. OpenVZ is the open source version of SWsoft's award-winning virtualization software, Virtuozzo. Like its commercial counterpart, OpenVZ offers compartmentalized file systems, full root access, and reliable performance to Virtual Private Server administrators.

- OpenVZ offers the best Virtual Private Server performance for your money.

- OpenVZ includes our full complement of Linux operating system templates and application stacks.

- Both(OpenVZ and Virtuozzo) are equipped with the same feature set on the clients end. You will not loose anything at your end. All the features would remain the same at your access level. 

- If you decide to go with OpenVZ, you will no longer have the Virtuozzo Power Panel but instead the SolusVM , which is an equally feature rich VPS manager.

- There might be a change of current IPs attached to your VPS if it's in a different VLAN. If you are interested in OpenVZ then please let us know so we can check if the IP change will be required.
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