I have a shared/reseller account. Why should I upgrade to VPS?

VPS is a virtual private server that gives you a separate process environment not shared by other users with root (admin) level access to you. What this means is that: 

- You can customize your hosting environment and server to your needs. This option is not available on shared/SDX/reseller server as the same server software is used by all users, so not all settings can be changed to your liking. 

- Your IP addresses are not shared with anyone else. 

- You can run background servers/processes on you VPS.

- You have full root access to your VPS.

However, at the same time, VPS hardware resources (especially CPU) comes from the same machine shared by other VPS. 

With the hosting services we provide, the best upgrade path depends on Control or Power.

For Control, the upgrade path is:

Shared : Reseller : VPS : Dedicated

For Power, the upgrade path is:

Shared : VPS : Dedicated
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