I am unable to reach my server/account/web site?

Please login to your client area and check the network status. If your server is up and running, then you need to check for any network problems between your computer and the server. To help troubleshoot this, you can take a traceroute. A traceroute will tell us if there is any issue with your router, a particular ISP, with one of the many routes across the Internet to the server, with our backbone provider, or within our system.

To do a traceroute on your Windows computer, please follow this:

Click on Start : Programs : Accessories : Command Prompt

Once there, enter this command:



tracert YOUR_IP

[ where YOUR_DOMAIN_COM is your domain name hosted on the server, and YOUR_IP is the IP your account is hosted on.

What is your computer IP?
Please also visit www.myipaddress.com and provide your computer IP along with the traceroute results as this will help the techs troubleshoot the problem.

In case our primary DC in Atlanta has any problem, you can check http://backup.jaguarpc.com 
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