How does the failover hosting work?

The failover hosting is setup with two physical servers instead of the usual one server. The data on the two servers are mirrored in real time. If one server goes down physically with a hardware failure or complete network outage, the secondary server, also called the standby server, comes online on the network with the same data that was available on the primary server.

This switch over to the secondary server (which then becomes the primary) is done within a few minutes (ideally one minute) and avoids long down times due to hardware failure. While the old primary server is down, all hosting services continue to operate on the same IP addresses which are quickly ported over to this standby server and for the end user there is no change.

The downed server can then be repaired while services are online on the new primary server. Once repaired, this downed server is brought online as secondary (or standby) and data is re-synched back to real time mirroring.
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