How do I use symfony PHP web framework?

Symfony is an open-source PHP web framework available from

Here is a quick install guide. You need SSH (secure shell) access (which is most probably enabled for your account or can be enabled by support). To learn how to use SSH, please check the SSH section in the KB/FAQ:

1. Login to your account via SSH

2. Download the sf_sandbox.tgz in your web folder e.g.

cd ~/public_html
tar zxf sf_sandbox.tgz
rm sf_sandbox.tgz

3. Go to this page to learn how to try your first project:


a) In the above tutorial on the symfony-project website, all shell command executions that say:

php symfony ..something.. e.g.

php symfony propel-build-model

Please replace php with php5, so it becomes

php5 symfony propel-build-model

b) Configure your account to use PHP 5 by default because symfony requires PHP 5. Here is a how-to on our shared/SDX/reseller servers:

c) You do not need to chmod 777 folders, so please ignore those steps in the tutorial.
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