How do I reset my cPanel password?

If you forget your cPanel password, you can now reset it from the login screen by clicking on the "Reset password" link next to the
"Log in" button or you can visit: 


(where $SERVERNAME would need to be replaced with your server's IP, server's hostname, or your domain name)

On the resulting screen you will need to enter your username in the dialogue box and click on the "Reset password" link.
Once you enter your cPanel username, you will see a message similar to the following:
"Your request to reset $USERNAME’s password is being processed. If the request succeeds, 
the server will send a confirmation code to the account’s registered email address. 
Enter this code below, or click the link in the email, to complete the password reset."

As mentioned in the message, you will receive an email to the address associated with your cPanel account with a confirmation
code and link to finalize the reset. You can either click the link, or copy the code into the "Confirmation code" box.
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