If my account is moved from one server to another, how much time (or downtime) will it take?

Moving an account across the server is a smooth process. We copy all your account data and settings to the new server and update the DNS for your domains to the new server IP in our nameservers. Note: If you are using nameservers outside the control of JaguarPC, you will need to update the DNS zones there yourself.

The time it takes to copy data depends on the size of the data. If your account data is 1GB, it can take anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Your current account will remain up and running so that there is no downtime. Once the DNS propagation is complete, which usually takes a day, and you are satisfied that the account is working fine on the new server, we will terminate the old account after a couple of days.

Note: If you requested custom settings on the server in the past or a software/module was installed on your request that does not come in our standard/base install, please make sure to advise support to double check that those features/software/modules are installed on the new server.
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