How do I remove Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools from the cPanel?

As a reseller you can control the features you want to display on your client's cPanel. This is done via Feature Manager in WHM. To remove Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools from the cPanel, please login to WHM and click Feature Manager. Then "Add a New Feature List" say e.g. NoSEO

On the next screen you can select the tools/features you want your clients to see. To remove the SEO Tools please deselect the following 6 items:

Broken Links Report, Get In Google, Google Score Card, Link Building, Targeted Traffic, Top Local

Save the feature list. 

After creating this feature list, you can Edit your Packages and assign them this new feature list. Once the package is applied to your existing clients you can login to cPanel to confirm that SEO Tools are removed. (If you still see them, please logoff and close your browser and then login again).

This way you can have complete control over what features to show to your clients.
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