What are the timings/hours for the sales department?

Current times are: Monday to Friday from 8AM to 7PM (CST) 

CST: Central Standard Time USA 
aka (GMT -6)
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Is it a problem if I'm not in the US?

Being a global company with data center locations in the U.S. and Europe we serve clients...

Do I have to have your banner on my site?

No! JaguarPC provides premium web hosting services at affordable prices with no banners required....

What kind of network connections do you have?

We are currently connected to the Internet via multiple 10 gig-E and ds-3 connections to...

What packages/plans do you offer?

We offer a range of services such as shared webhosting, reseller plans, Virtual Private Servers,...

How do I signup?

On any page of our site click the "SIGNUP NOW" button or "Order Now" link. Follow the on screen...