How do I retrieve my website statistics or logs?

You are provided with monthly website statistics which you can retrieve from your control panel. Simply login to your website control panel and click on "Web/FTP Stats". 

Access to raw logs is also provided. Raw logs are very important if you want to run the logs through your own website statistics software program or investigate unauthorized access to your files. To access your raw logs, login to your website control panel and click on "Access Raw Logs". Your browser will automatically download the file onto your hard disk. Unzip the file using software such as Winzip or 7zip(for Windows) and Stuffit Expander(for Mac) and you will be able to use those files for your reference.

Note: Please click on Raw Log Manager in your control panel to activate archiving of raw logs. Otherwise, raw logs are cleared automatically after generating stats each day. We highly recommend enabling archiving to help with possible issues in the future.
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