How can I backup my data to backup server?

If you have purchased our backup service ( you can use any of the following methods to backup your data:

1. SCP

Execute this command from your account shell:

scp -Cp file_to_backup [email protected]:backups

scp -r directory [email protected]:backups

** NOTE ** You must use "backups" as the last part of this command since that is the default scp chrooted directory. USER is the username of the backup account. is the host name of the backup machine.

2. Rsync over SSH

rsync -zaHlv --safe-links --progress -e /usr/bin/ssh file_or_folder_to_backup [email protected]:backups

** NOTE ** Same note as #1

3. Or you can use FTP/SFTP directly from shell to interactively upload/download files.
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