How do I login via SSH to my account?

SSH is secure shell which gives you command prompt access on the Linux server. You need SSH client software on your computer to login to the server. Here is a free client called Putty:

Here is the direct link to download for a Windows PC (95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and Vista):

Just download this program and save it anywhere on your computer. Double click on putty.exe to run it. 

It will ask you for Host Name (or IP address) which is your account domain name or server IP or server machine name (you can use any). 

Click Open. It will alert you for the host key if it is the first time and not cached. You can continue by pressing Yes.

It will then ask you for your username: this is your cpanel/ftp username.

Then it will prompt you for your password which is the password for your cpanel/ftp username.

You are now logged into your account on the shell command line. Please go through other FAQ's in the SSH section to learn about various commands you can execute.

NOTE: If you get a notice that your Shell access is not enabled in your account, please open a support ticket to have it enabled for you. It is not enabled by default for security reasons.
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